East Side Youth Services & Street Outreach
ESYSSO built East Side Field to give young people of East Austin the chance to escape the destructive influence of the streets by providing the alternative of a deluxe playing field on which to practice and compete.

Thomas Henderson Films
Thomas Henderson Films provides many ways to reinforce your own efforts in recovery and prevention of drug and alcohol abuse. Thomas shows you that you can have a balanced life and ..."Sobriety is an option!"

Celebrating over 20 years of sobriety
Thomas Henderson has been clean since November 8, 1983.

Featured Items
In Control, The Birth of an NFL Legend

Yes, I'm Still Clean
Thomas Hendersons' best treatment and education film yet.
DogFace Driver
The DogFace oversized hit area creates even more confidence for all golfers.

All proceeds go toward the East Austin Youth Services & Street Outreach Foundation

Hollywood Henderson at 23 years old

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