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Speaking Engagements by Thomas Henderson

I have been speaking for more than 3.5 decades and have shared my story in various places. This includes athletic departments, football programs, alcohol and drug treatment center, prisons, and juvenile detentions, and corporations.

*If you have a drug or alcohol issue please consider attending local 12 step meetings.

Passion for Public Speaking

Speech, an elective, was one of my favorite classes in college. I took that class every semester. I had so much fun because I would show up to class unprepared, and they would tell me, “You’ve got to do ten minutes today.” I literally could pick up a piece of lint off the floor and do ten minutes about where that came from. I learned the craft of public speaking early on, and I knew I could be funny when I needed to be while still having an articulate delivery. I have a video on YouTube titled “Yes, I’m Still Clean,” and I gave that to the public. There are nine parts in total, and you can see my gift of talking in action. It feels wonderful to be honest and open about my disease. By talking about alcoholism and drug addiction, it helps other people. In a weird kind of way, I think that’s what I was sent here for. 

When I was 10 years old, I wish someone would have told me, “Hey, Thomas, you know your mom and dad are drunks, and most people around you are drunks, but you don’t have to do that. It actually would be good for you if you don’t drink and use.”

In our country, in my opinion, prevention is not talked about enough. Sobriety is an option for every human being on this planet. If I could speak to every person on Earth and tell them one thing, that would be: Recovery is possible. If a guy like me can get clean and sober and live a decent life, anybody can.

I’m not a Holy Roller by any imagination, but I always say a prayer during my lectures. I always say this prayer, “God, thank you for letting me, Thomas Henderson, laugh and smile again, but please God, don’t ever let me forget that I cried.”

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